What We Do

We find funds owed to you

An overpaid ticket, taxes paid over what you owe, whatever the case, we find the money the government owes you.

Verify who you are to claim

Once we've found your money, we verify who you are to ensure we're pursuing the right payout.

gets paid!

We only charge once you collect what's owed to you, so there's no upfront cost to you at all!

Why Miss Out?
We’re Here to Help!

How It Works

1. Finding and Contacting You

We search through databases of government agencies and municipalities looking for people who are owed money. We then in turn reach out to ensure they receive what they are owed from the government.

2. Pursuing Your Owed Funds

We have a legal department and mobile notaries who are ready and waiting to pursue your funds for you.

We will do everything in our power to make sure you get what is rightfully owed to you.

3. Getting You Paid What Is Yours

There are no upfront fees or charges, so you never see any bill for our services until you get paid.

The government keeps enough of your money – take back what it owes YOU!


Days to weeks depending upon the municipality.

We search databases all across the country for people who have lost assets and help them recover that money

Municipalities do not benefit by finding you and returning your lost assets to you. They benefit from the Statute of Limitations. When you do not recover your lost assets, those lost assets becomes part of their general funds to be used.

We have no upfront fees. We do not guarantee recovery. We do not get paid unless you actually recover lost assets.  We are also BBB Accredited A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Sandy Acres Company BBB Business Review

The government already keeps enough of your money. We strive to recover your lost money so the government does not get it.

Sandy Acres Company was able to recover over $5,000 from the city – I had no idea I was owed that kind of money, let alone that I would be able to get it back.  Thank you, Sandy Acres!
Aaron Stallman